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Employment Authorizations

Coaching License
A temporary coaching license specific to the activity being coached may be issued to a person appropriately qualified when a school district attests there is not a qualified and certified teacher available to coach that activity.

A Professional coaching license specific to the activity being coached may be issued to a person appropriately qualified that has coached under a temporary coaching certificate for three years.

Incidental Teaching
A superintendent of schools, with the permission of the Commissioner of Education, may assign a certified teacher to teach a subject not covered by the teacher's license or certificate, for a period not to exceed five classroom hours per week, when no certified teacher is available. For details of the requirement, click on Commissioner's Regulations 80-5.3external-link.

 Permit authorizing service in an area for which no certificate exists
At the request of a superintendent of schools, a permit may be issued enabling a school district to employ a qualified person for a position for which no certificate title exists, e.g., teacher of Native American language and/or culture, teacher of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, etc. This credential is initially valid for two years, and renewable for five-year periods. Click Indicates you can Apply Online to Enter Superintendent Statements Online!

Retired Public Employee
A superintendent of schools, or in the case of a superintendency a district superintendent, may submit an Application for Temporary Employment of a Retiree to request approval for a certified retiree to exceed the amount of earnings permitted under sections 212 of Retirement and Social Security Law when no qualified non-retired person is available. The application must be accompanied by documentation that a certified non-retiree is not available to fill the position. Permission is granted for up to one year. For details go to Employment of a Retiree. For more information about the retiree application process go to Submitting an Application for Employment of a Retiree.

Substitute Teacher
A school district may employ an individual as a substitute teacher in a position held by a teacher who is absent but expected to return. Employment of a substitute teacher does not require a certificate.

There are three categories of substitutes:

  1. Persons holding valid certificates may substitute for any length of time in any area.
  2. Persons without certification but who are preparing to be certified may substitute for any length of time in any area.
  3. Persons without certification and who are not preparing to become certified are limited to a maximum of 40 days per year.

Substitutes employed for long-term absences are expected to hold or be working toward certification in the specific field or area in which they are substituting. For details of the requirement, go to Commissioner' Regulations 80-5.4external-link.

Teacher Aide
A school district may employ an individual as a teacher aide to assist teachers in such non-teaching duties as managing records, materials, and equipment; attending to the physical needs of children; and supervising students. For details of the requirement, click on  Commissioner's Regulations 80-5.6external-link.

For more information go to Teaching Assistants and Teacher Aides Compared

Teaching Assistant
A teaching assistant provides, under the general supervision of a licensed or certified teacher, direct instructional services to children, such as working with individual students in groups on special assignments, assisting students in the use of instructional resources, etc. For details on the requirements for teaching assistant regulation, go to Commissioner's Regulations 80-5.6external-link.

Applicants for teaching assistant certificates (Level I, Level II, Level III, and Pre-Professional) apply directly to the Education Department through TEACH Online Services. However, a superintendent may apply to the Department for a Continuing certificate for a teaching assistant who still holds a temporary license (no longer issued as of February 2, 2004) and who has been continuously employed under that license. The continuing certificate remains valid unless the individual has not been employed for five consecutive years.

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Considerations Related to the Duties of Teaching Assistants (paraprofessionals)

The following recommendations, while not prescribed in regulations, are offered for employers' consideration in the employment of teaching assistants, also referred to as paraprofessionals.

  • provide common planning time for the teaching assistant and the regular teacher;
  • provide a reasonable proximity between the teaching assistant(s) and regular teacher(s), including an adequate and reliable means of communication between them;
  • the size of an instructional group given the teaching assistant should be appropriate given the direct instructional service the teaching assistant is expected to provide;
  • the caseload given a teaching assistant should take into consideration the direct instructional service being provided, the time required to prepare for these services, and other duties assigned the teaching assistant; and
  • the teacher(s) responsible for the students' instruction is the teacher(s) responsible for supervising the teaching assistant.

Some illustrative duties follow:

  • working with individual pupils or groups of pupils on special instructional projects;
  • providing the teacher with information about pupils which will assist the teacher in the development of appropriate learning and behavioral experiences;
  • assisting pupils in the use of available instructional resources, and assisting in the development of instructional materials;
  • utilizing their own special skills and abilities by assisting in instructional programs in such areas as: foreign languages, arts, crafts, music and similar subjects;
  • assisting in related instructional work as required; and
  • assisting students with specific health related activities as appropriate.

Local bargaining agreements that may address one or more of these issues. Such agreements may specify in greater detail the terms and conditions of employment of teacher aides and teaching assistants, but they must be consistent with applicable law and regulation.

For more information go to Teaching Assistants (paraprofessionals)

 Visiting Lecturer
At the request of a superintendent of schools, a visiting lecturer license may be issued to an individual who has unusual qualifications in a specific subject to supplement the regular program of instruction. The license is valid for one year.  Click Indicates you can Apply Online to Enter Superintendent Statement Online!

Last Updated: August 23, 2017