Teaching Assistant Certificates (also known in NYC as Paraprofessionals)

Requirements for Teaching Assistant Certification

If you have never held a New York State Teaching Assistant Certificate, you must apply, and meet the requirements for a Level I Teaching Assistant certificate.

If you have at least one year of teaching experience in New York as a classroom teacher under a NYS classroom teaching certificate, you may proceed to Level III Teaching Assistant.

All others should review the requirements for the certificate-level you are interested in receiving.

How To Apply
How to Submit Documents

If you were unable to complete one year of Teaching Assistant experience under your Level I certificate
You do not meet the College coursework requirement for the Level II, you may be eligible for the Level I Renewal.

In addition to the requirements for the Level I, you must have:

  • The district/employer submit a superintendent statement in TEACH verifying your employment as a Teaching Assistant.

A Level I - Renewal can only be issued one time

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In addition to the requirements for the Level I, you must have:

If you satisfy the requirements for a Level III, you can skip this certificate level.
A Level II certificate can only be issued one time.

How to Apply

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In addition to the requirements for the Level I, you must have:

To determine if you must Register and complete CTLE hours for your Level III certificate, refer to: Registration and CTLE

How to Apply
How to Submit Documents

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In addition to the requirements for the Level I, you must complete the following:

If you complete/withdraw from your program, and want to continue working as a teaching assistant, you must apply and complete the requirements for Level III certification

How to Submit Documents


How to Apply

STEP 1: Log In to your NY.gov TEACH account

  1. Login to your NY.gov TEACH account: TEACH Login
  2. Go to TEACH Online Services
  3. Scroll to "Online Applications" and click on “Apply for Certificate.”

STEP 2: Verify / Update Profile

  1. Confirm your legal name including spelling, prefixes, and suffixes.
  2. Update your mailing address, email, and phone number(s).
  3. Confirm your U.S. Citizenship status (Y/N).
  4. Enter your education information. 
    • Learn how to add your education information

Step 3: Add the certificate to the application

Select the following options from the menu:

  • Select an Area of Interest----Other School Service
  • Select a Subject Area----Teaching Assistant
  • Select a Grade Level----Pre K-12 - All Grades
  • Select a Title ----Teaching Assistant
  • Select a Type of Certificate ----Level I, Level I Renewal, Level II, Level III, Pre-Professional, or Pre-Professional Renewal then click Add.
  • Select "Individual Evaluation" pathway

NOTE: After you select your pathway, you will go back to the "Add a Certificate" page. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click "Next"


Step 4: Continue with the Application

  • Answer Moral Character Questions
  • Sign / Click Affidavit Button
  • Sign / Click Sign Application Button
  • View and Print Application Summary Page
  • Pay the $35.00 application fee


Last Updated: January 25, 2017