TEACH System

Assistance Using the TEACH Online System

For help with the TEACH Online System, you can send an email to teachhelp@nysed.gov. At this time, OTI is only able to process TEACH technical requests electronically by email and not by phone. Information about using TEACH is also available on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

If you have forgotten your TEACH:

  • USERNAME,  go to https://my.ny.gov/FUIDV3/fuid.xhtml External Link Icon
    When entering your email address through the above link, use the email address with which you created your TEACH account. If the email address with which you established your NY.gov account is no longer your email address, you will be able to change it when you log into your NYS.gov account.
  • PASSWORD, go to https://my.ny.gov/FPSV3/fps.xhtmlExternal Link Icon

Last Updated: July 1, 2022