Individual Evaluation of U.S. Credentials

You may submit an application for an evaluation of your credentials for a certificate. Before applying for a Certificate, please search for the requirements for the certificate you are requesting. Click on the Icon below to search the Certification requirements.

search for specific certification requirements

If you satisfy those requirements, the State Education Department will issue the appropriate certificate. If you do not qualify, we will provide a detailed written evaluation listing the remaining requirements you need to meet in order to receive the specified certificate. Below are links to the information that can be found on this page.

Evaluation through Regional Certification Offices
Individual evaluation (in most certificate areas) is also available through any of the Regional Certification Offices located at Boards of Cooperative Educational Services throughout New York State. A limited number of Regional Certification Offices have staff who are available to meet with and advise applicants, and they provide expedited processing of applications. Applications submitted through the Regional Certification Offices are forwarded for review by the State Education Department. Regional Offices accept applications ONLY from those living within the office's jurisdiction or employed by one of its member school districts.

Satisfaction of Unmet Requirements
If you have not met all requirements for a certificate, you should complete all remaining course, assessment, and/or experience requirements first, and then submit the necessary original transcripts and other documentation at ONE time. Please leave transcripts in sealed envelopes from the college. Please include a cover letter stating that all unmet requirements have been completed and request that your certificate be issued. Additional documentation should be submitted directly to the Office of Teaching Initiatives.


  • Credit by Examination: Some of the coursework requirements may be satisfied by examination. Credit earned through examination is acceptable toward Certification only if it does not duplicate college credit completed.Two options are the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) External Link Icon(1-800-257-9558) and Excelsior College External Link Icon(518-464-8500). CLEP offers exams that apply to the requirements for English, math, science, social studies, and languages other than English, as well as professional education. Excelsior College offers exams which satisfy requirements for professional education.
  • Distance Learning: Some of the coursework requirements maybe satisfied by correspondence courses and courses offered on the internet. For details, go to Distance Learning .

Retention of Records
The Office of Teaching Initiatives retains paper records for three years. If your file has been inactive for three or more years, have your college send original official transcripts for review. Please make sure that all information (name, address, employment history, etc) is kept current on your TEACH account profile.  Send transcripts and other documents to:

New York State Education Department

Office of Teaching Initiatives, Room 5N EB

89 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY  12234  

Last Updated: December 4, 2014