Subject Area Extension in Grades 5-9 and 7-12 for Special Education Teachers

Subject area extensions are available to eligible special education teachers who meet the following requirements.

Subject Areas
The subject area extension is available for grades 5-9 or grades 7-12 in the following subject areas: biology, chemistry, earth science, English language arts, mathematics, physics, social studies, and a language other than English. A separate application is needed for each subject area.

The following subject area extension requirements can also be found on the Search Certification Requirements webpage by choosing “Classroom Teacher Extensions” as the Area of Interest and either “Middle Childhood – Grades 5” or “Adolescent – Grades 7-12” as the Grade Level.

  1. Hold one of the following certificates.
    • Students with Disabilities (Grades 5-9) Generalist certificate for the grades 5-9 subject area extension
    • Students with Disabilities (Grades 7-12) Generalist certificate for the grades 7-12 subject area extension
    • Permanent Special Education certificate for the grades 5-9 or 7-12 subject area extensions

  2. Complete both requirements listed below.
    • Pass the content specialty test in the subject area.
    • Complete at least 18 semester hours of coursework in the subject area or complete an approved New York State Registered subject area extension program. For social studies, the 18 semester hours must be completed through a combination of study in United States history, world history, and geography.

  3. Complete the following workshops: Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, School Violence Intervention and Prevention, Dignity for All Students Act, and Autism

  4. Complete the fingerprinting process.


Last Updated: November 7, 2019