List of Acceptable Types of Certificates


Disclaimer: This guide is for reference only. Final authority regarding acceptability of any specific certificate remains with the New York State Education Department.

If a certificate type is not listed, acceptability will be determined at the time of evaluation.

States Beginning with the Letter W

Washington 1 Residency 5 Years Teacher Yes
2 Continuing 5 Years Teacher Yes
2 Professional 5 Years Teacher Yes
West Virginia 1 Temporary Teaching Certificate 1 Year Teacher No
1 Temporary Vocational Certificate 1 Year Vocational No
2 Professional Teaching Certificate Issued Provisionally 3 Years Teacher Yes
2 Vocational Certificate 5 Years Vocational Yes
3 Professional Teaching Certificate  5 Years Teacher Yes
3 Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate Life Teacher Yes
3 Permanent Vocational Certificate Life Vocational Yes
Wisconsin   Substitute 5 Years Teacher No
  Five-Year License with Stipulations (Initial/Professional) 5 years   No
  Regular (Initial/Professional) 5 years Teacher Yes
Wyoming 2 Standard 5 Years Teacher Both
Last Updated: February 4, 2016