Career and Technical Education Certification

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate is a classroom teaching certificate that authorizes individuals to teach a specific career and technical education subject area in grades 7-12 in a New York State public school or BOCES. CTE courses and programs are designed to prepare high school students to enter occupational fields such as dental assisting, plumbing, electrical, cosmetology, culinary, and vehicle maintenance. CTE certificate requirements place an emphasis on occupational work experience and related education in the subject area of the certificate, providing certificate holders with the expertise needed to teach a specific trade or technical field to students.

For information about the difference between classroom certificates and Career and Technical Education Certificates (CTE), watch this video!

The following links provide information about career and technical education for certificate applicants, BOCES and school districts, and teachers.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Certificate Applicants


Last Updated: October 12, 2023