TEACH System

Report Problem(s) Using the TEACH Online System

You may call the TEACH HELP phone line at 518-486-6041, help is available from 8:30am -  4pm.

Please note:  This form is provided so that you may report technical and/or usability problems associated with the "TEACH" online system.  Also see Important Information When Accessing Your TEACH Account

If you have forgotten your TEACH

USERNAME  go to https://my.ny.gov/FUIDV3/fuid.xhtml External Link Icon
   NOTE:  When entering your email address, use the email address you used when you created your TEACH login account. If the email address that you established your NYSDS account with is no longer your email address, you will be able to change this when you log into your NYSDS account.

PASSWORD go to https://my.ny.gov/FPSV3/fps.xhtmlExternal Link Icon

If you are unable to resolve your login issue go to the Report Problems Using TEACH Form .

Last Updated: May 16, 2018