TEACH System

TEACH Help for Applicants

Viewing Information in TEACH

  1. Log in to your TEACH account:  Login to TEACH
  2. Under Inquiry Links, click on "View Account Information".
  3. Click on the information you would like to view, then press “Go”.

Account Infomation Screen


Shows education information that you self-reported and education verified based upon the receipt of official college transcripts.

Work Experience

Shows work experience information that you self-reported in your TEACH account.  To add or edit your information, refer to:  Link to sections above


Lists your application and certificate information.  For information regarding the status of your application, refer to: Checking the Status of Your Application.

Individuals certified prior to 1983:  If you received New York State certification prior to 1983, refer to the Individuals Certified Prior to 1983 webpage to determine how to have your records added to your account.


Lists documents on file electronically in the Office of Teaching Initiatives.
NOTE:  If a date is not listed and/or a two-digit code is listed in the “Comments” column, the document is no longer on file in the office.

Individuals certified prior to March 2006:  If you received a certificate or other credential from the Office of Teaching Initiatives prior to March 14, 2006, your TEACH account may not contain a complete electronic record of your submitted documents or transactions.

Contact History

Lists any former names or addresses associated with your account.

Test Scores

Lists test scores received from the testing company.  More information regarding exams can be found at:  (link to exam page)


Lists workshops completed.
NOTE: Information may not appear for individuals who received a college recommendation for certification.  To see if you have a college recommendation on file, refer to the “College Recommendations” selection.

Superintendent Statements

Lists any Superintendent Statements submitted by your employer(s).

College Recommendations

Lists all college recommendations for certification submitted by a registered program within a New York State college or university. If you have any questions about the information provided in this section, contact the certification officer at your New York State institution.


Shows any retirement waivers applications submitted.  This section only applies to individuals who have retired from service, receive a pension, and are employed by a public school district

Adding Information to TEACH

You can add the following self-reported information to your TEACH account:

  • Education Information
  • Employment information
  • Address

To add self-reported information to your TEACH account:

  • Login to TEACH
  • Click on "Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information".
  • Click the “Edit” button for the section that you would like to edit.

NOTE:  Self-reported education and employment information must be verified by official documentation. 

  • Education Information can only be verified upon receipt of an official college transcript.
  • Employment Information must be verified by your employers using the appropriate experience verification form.

To learn how to submit your documents, refer to: 
Submitting Documents to the Office of Teaching Initiatives

Deleting Information from TEACH

The TEACH system does not allow  applicants or the Office of Teaching Initiatives to delete self-reported education or employment information the you provide in your account. If you enter education or employment information incorrectly, you should edit the entry to make it correct. 

NOTE:  Duplicating self-reported information will not adversely affect your account or application.

Editing Information Entered

You can edit the following self-reported information:

  • Education Information
  • Employment information
  • Address

To edit self-reported information in your TEACH account:

  • Log in to your TEACH account:  Login to TEACH
  • Click on "Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information"
  • Click the “edit” button for the section you would like to edit.


How do I pay for an application I submitted online?

To make payment for an existing application:

  1. Click "Login to TEACH"
  2. Click "TEACH System"
  3. On your TEACH Home page
  4. Under Payment Links (sixth bullet down), click "Pay for Certificate."


Last Updated: April 27, 2022