TEACH System

List of TEACH Services

Below is a complete list of services TEACH provides to each user group:

Applicants for teacher certification, including administrative (school leadership) and pupil personnel services professionals


Applicants for fingerprint clearance for employment in New York State school districts

TEACH Resources for Colleges/Universities

  • View a candidate’s certification record
  • Enter college recommendations for candidates (individually or through a batch process)
  • Obtain status updates on your college recommended applicants
     Confirm Provisional or Initial certification for graduate program candidates
     View a report of candidate recommendations entered by your college

School Employers
TEACH Resources for School Employers

  • View an employee/prospective employee’s certification, fingerprinting, and employment history
  • Enter Superintendent Statements for a supplementary certificate, temporary coaching licenses, adult education certificates, verification of mentoring, permits, visiting lecturer, teaching assistant level 1 renewal, and limited certificates
  • Obtain application status updates on current or potential employees
  • Submit a request for fingerprint clearance for a prospective employee
  • Report the termination of an employee
  • View a report of fingerprint clearances requested
  • View/add professional development hours completed by teachers they employ
Last Updated: May 16, 2023