Acceptable Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) for the Reissuance of an Initial Certificate


  1. Allowable Activities
  2. Guiding Principles
  3. Suggested Activities
  4. Allowable Providers
  5. Verification of Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)

  1. Allowable Activities

    Any Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) activity you complete must be in the content or pedagogy relevant to your certificate title. If you are employed by a public school district, PD or CTLE that is part of the district’s PD plan is acceptable. TOP

  2. Guiding Principles
    • CTLE must be from an Approved Sponsor.
    • Subject matter content of a PD or CTLE activity/experience is clearly connected to student achievement of the NYS Learning Standards.
    • PD/CTLE results in a demonstrated increase in knowledge and understanding, skillfulness and professional values.
    • PD/CTLE enables the teacher to deepen his/her knowledge base and remain current in his/her content area and instructional strategies, such as:
      • enhancing subject matter knowledge;
      • application of appropriate teaching techniques;
      • broadening and enhancing abilities to apply more accurate and appropriate assessment methodologies, and;
      • enhancing skills in effectively managing individual students and classroom in both heterogeneous and homogeneous settings.
    • PD/CTLE activity hours accrue according to the number of clock hours spent in the activity, e.g., in service workshop, conference session, etc. In the case of credit-bearing college courses, each semester hour of credit is equal to 15 hours of professional development, and each quarter hour of credit is equal to 10 hours of professional development. TOP

  3. Suggested Activities

    The following categories of activities are suggestions for meeting the needs of school districts in building teacher capacity:
    • Collaborating with other teachers to examine case studies of student work and development as part of an approved activity;
    • Participating in courses and other learning opportunities delivered from many providers, such as institutions of higher education, teacher centers, BOCES, school districts and independent professional development service providers;
    • Coursework linked to improvement of instructional technique or content knowledge, which may or may not be in pursuit of a teaching or advanced teaching degree;
    • Coursework for more advanced certification;
    • Curriculum planning and development;
    • Participating in formal programs of peer coaching or participation in peer review;
    • Participating in Professional Development School activities or other school-college teacher development partnerships;
    • Serving on CDEP (Comprehensive District Education Plan), or DCEP (District Comprehensive Education Plan), or CEP (Comprehensive Education Plan), or other school leadership activities or committees;
    • NYSTCE "assessor" or test development committee member;
    • Development of Statewide curriculum; TOP

  4. Allowable Providers
    PD providers do not have to be approved. Your employer may provide you with PD that would be acceptable if it meets the guiding principles. CTLE must be completed through an approved sponsor, for a list of approved providers go to Approved Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Sponsors . TOP

  5. Verification of Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)

    Verification should be in the form(s) listed in the table below. The number of hours completed within 365 days prior to or the 365 days subsequent to the date the application for Reissuance is submitted and paid for are acceptable. “Volunteer” service does not count toward PD or CTLE requirements.

    Note: all verification must show proper identifying information, including your name as it appears on teach, the last four digits of your social security number and/or your date of birth.



    PD completed at a Regionally accredited institutions of higher education or institutions authorized by the Board of Regents to confer degrees

    Official Transcripts

    All others

    CTLE Certificates or Letter from Provider verifying PD

Last Updated: July 17, 2017