Provisional and Permanent School Counselor Certification

Provisional School Counselor certificates will no longer be issued after February 1, 2023. Individuals must apply and meet all of the requirements for Provisional School Counselor certification by this date. The Provisional Renewal and Permanent School Counselor certificates will continue to be issued until a date determined by the New York State Education Department.

Effective February 2, 2023, individuals can apply for the Initial and Professional School Counselor certificates. The Initial and Professional School Counselor certificates will have different requirements than the Provisional and Permanent School Counselor certificates.

Information on this webpage and related links only apply to the Provisional and Permanent School Counselor Certificates.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Coursework
Acceptable and unacceptable courses for individuals who apply for Provisional or Permanent School Counselor Certification through the “Individual Evaluation” pathway is described through the following links.

Professional Development and Continuing Education Coursework
Professional development and continuing education coursework are not acceptable, unless it can be documented that the coursework can be issued graduate credit as part of a graduate degree at the institution of higher education at which it was taken.

Institutions in New York State with Approved School Counselor Education Programs
To find institutions of higher education in New York State with approved preparation programs in school counseling, go to the Inventory of Registered Programs and choose the “Search for programs leading to Teacher Certification” option and then choose School Counselor.

Coursework Completed Outside of New York State
If you completed coursework in an out-of-state school counselor education program that led to school counselor certification in the state in which the institution is located, please note that the Office of Teaching Initiatives will review the coursework and determine if it is acceptable. There is no interstate reciprocity for Provisional and Permanent School Counselor certification, so the coursework may or may not be accepted through the “Individual Evaluation” pathway.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020