School Counseling Coursework

School Counseling courses prepare individuals for careers as guidance counselors. A well-rounded background in multiple disciplines within School Counseling is desired.

In general, a School Counselor:

  • instructs the student about orientation, school policies, curriculums and courses of study in school, further educational advancement, occupational information, and related topics;

  • confers with students, parents, teachers and school staff, specialists and outside agencies about the student’s educational, vocational, health or social concerns, either in-school or extra-curricular;

  • maintains current and reliable information on higher education, special training and occupational opportunities;

  • prepares, maintains or supervises the maintenance of student cumulative records; advises school administrators and other school staff regarding all matters related to educational and vocational guidance services.

  • The School Counselor does NOT diagnose, recommend courses of treatment, or provide direct referral to Social Services.

Institutions in New York State with approved School Counseling programs

To find institutions in New York State with Approved Preparation Programs in School Counseling, go to the Inventory of Registered Programs and choose the “Search for programs leading to Teacher Certification” option and then choose School Counselor.

Institutions Outside New York State
  • Consult the college’s catalog for coursework offerings and requirements, and if the program leads to School Counseling certification in that state.

  • Completion of an out-of-state School Counseling program does NOT guarantee acceptance of all coursework taken through that program, regardless of program accreditation or whether a certificate was issued in that state.

  • There is No Interstate Reciprocity for School Counseling. All School Counseling coursework is considered course-by-course, though individual evaluation.

FINAL Determination on Course Acceptance for Certification
is made by the New York State Education Department

Last Updated: September 13, 2018