Conditional Initial Certificate – School Building Leader

This type of certificate is currently available for applicants and is within the School Administration and Supervision area of interest.

Conditional Initial Certificate – School Building Leader


A certificate of this type is issued to an individual holding a valid principal-level certificate from another U.S. State or Territory and completed a comparable principal-level school administration program in another U.S. State or Territory, but has not yet met the testing requirement. To obtain a Conditional Initial certificate, applicants must complete all of the requirements for the Initial certificate except for passing the required exams.


Valid for two years.

Leads to

Initial Certificate, which will then be valid for an additional three years.

Application Fee


This type of certificate cannot be applied for in TEACH. You must apply for the Initial certificate and upon review the Conditional Initial will be created.

Paper Certificate Printed?

No this certificate is NOT printed at the time of issuance.
Verify this certification in the TEACH System.
Holders of this type of license may apply for a printed certificate.












Last Updated: May 7, 2015