School District Leader Certificate Experience Requirements and Position Titles

For the School District Leader (SDL) Professional certificate, individuals must have three years of full-time, classroom teaching, pupil personnel service, or educational leadership experience.

Please note that educators who hold the current School District Leader (SDL) certificate can only work as a school district leader and cannot work as a school building leader nor as a school district business leader, without appropriate additional certification. Educators who hold the former School District Administrator (SDA) certificate can work as a school district administrator, school administrator and supervisor, or school business administrator.

SDL Position Responsibilities and Titles

  1. Key Responsibilities. Some of the key responsibilities in determining if a position is administrative/supervisory in nature are listed below. Individuals who perform these responsibilities at the district level would need to hold an SDL or SDA certificate. Responsibilities for the business operation of the school district must hold a School District Business Leader (SDBL) certificate.
    • Responsibility for the hiring and retention of certified professional personnel.
    • Responsibility for the pedagogical supervision and performance evaluation of certified personnel.
    • Responsibility for budget preparation and implementation. This does not include being given discretion to spend minor sums of money on departmental supplies, such as papers, pens, and chalk.
    • Responsibility for curriculum development and supervision of its implementation.
    • The person is not a member of the teachers’ bargaining unit.

All responsibilities are considered in determining the administrative nature of a position; being responsible for only one or two of the areas listed above is not sufficient. If the individual spends time assisting, expediting, and advising, then the position is not acceptable as administrative in nature.

  1. Examples of Acceptable School District Level Position Titles. Experience completed while holding the following position titles is considered administrative in nature at the school district level.
    • District Superintendent
    • Superintendent
    • Deputy Superintendent (not civil service)
    • Associate Superintendent (not civil service)
    • Assistant Superintendent (not civil service)
  1. Examples of Position Titles Not at the School District Level.Experience completed while holding the following position titles is not considered administrative in nature and/or at the school district level.
    • Any school building level position
    • Any school district business administrator/leader position
    • Civil service positions
    • Athletic Director (this position does not require state certification)
    • Instructional Support Services (this is a teaching, not an administrative, position)
Last Updated: October 19, 2020