Chart of Provisional/Permanent Certificate Titles

The left-hand column lists the Provisional/Permanent Certificate Titles.  The right-hand column provides information on how to find the Permanent certificate requirements for that "Title" within Search Certification Requirements system.

Certificate Titles
To find the Permanent Requirements in Search Certification Requirements make the following selections:
Agriculture Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select  "Subject": Agricultural Teaching
Art Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Visual Arts
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Art
Business and Distributive Education
Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Business and Marketing
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Business and Distributive Education
Earth Science
Social Studies
Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Same Title for "Subject"

Bilingual Education

Select "Area": Other Extensions
Blind and Partially Sighted Select "Subject": Blind and Visually Impaired
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Blind and Partially Sighted

Certificate Extension Titles

Select "Area": Classroom Teacher Extensions or Classroom Teacher Extensions - Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Same Title for "Subject"
Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Deaf and Hearing-Impaired
English Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": English
Select "Grade": 7-12
Select "Title": English 7-12
English to Speakers of Other Languages Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Same Title for "Subject"
Health Occupations
Occupational Subjects
Technical Subjects
Trade Subjects
Select "Area": Career and Technical Teacher
Home Economics Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Family and Consumer Sciences
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Home Economics
Language other than English Select "Area": Classroom Teacher- Foreign Languages
Pre-K-6 Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Childhood Education
Select "Grade": PreK-6
Reading Teacher Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Literacy
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Reading Teacher
Recreation Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Physical Education
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Recreation
Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Theatre
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Speech
Special Education Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Same Title for "Subject"
Speech- and Hearing-Handicapped Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Speech and Language Disabilities
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": Speech- and Hearing-Handicapped

School Media Specialist (ed. communications)
School Media Specialist (library)
School Media Specialist

Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Select "Subject": Library Science
Select "Grade": All Grades
Select "Title": School Media Specialist or School Media Specialist (library)

School District Administrator
School Business Administrator
School Administrator and Supervisor

Select "Area": Administration and Pupil Personnel Services
Select "Subject": Administration and Supervision

School Attendance Teacher
School Counselor
School Dental Hygiene Teacher
School Nurse Teacher
School Psychologist
School Social Worker

Select "Area": Administration and Pupil Personnel Services
Same Title for "Subject"
Technology Education Select "Area": Classroom Teacher
Same Title for "Subject"
Last Updated: June 17, 2015