Individual Evaluation of Non-U.S. Credentials

TEACH Online ServicesApplicants seeking Certification on the basis of foreign (non-U.S.) credentials, must submit the following:


Coursework Requirements for Evaluation of Foreign (non-U.S). Credentials

You must submit:
  1. Original credentials or U.S. notarized copies of original credentials. Copies of original credentials must include an original signature and seal from a United States Notary Public on each copied page submitted.

    NOTE: If you are submitting U.S. notarized copies of the original document, and the document has information on the back, make sure to copy the front and back of the document.
  2. U.S. notarized English translations of all credentials must also be provided.

    Since titles of documents vary from country to country, the following list are examples of some of the documents you may submit for evaluation (please submit all that apply to you):

    • Marksheets (e.g. from India, Bangladesh, etc.)
    • 12th Level Graduation Marksheets (e.g. from India, Bangladesh, etc.)
    • Trained Teacher's Diplomas (e.g. from the West Indies, etc.)
    • Student Books (e.g. from Poland, etc.)
    • Original College Level Diplomas (with degree and date of conferral noted)
    • Original College Level Transcripts (with degree and date of conferral noted)

Important Details

  1. Marksheets, Student Books, or Transcripts are required for each year of study and must include the total number of instructional hours and all grades received.

  2. Canadian applicants must send original or official transcripts.
  3. To avoid delays in processing your application apply online using TEACH Online Services and,  for a complete evaluation of your coursework, submit all pertinent documents at one time.
  4. Send original credentials by US Certified Mail. We will return all original documents to you in the same manner.
  5. Include copies of any valid teacher certificates issued by other jurisdictions
  6. The Office of Teaching Initiatives evaluates foreign credentials only for those seeking New York State teacher Certification. Requests for evaluation of coursework for salary purposes and/or other personal reasons cannot be accommodated. You should address those requests to the agency, institution, or employer directly involved.

Questions about additional courses to meet requirements:

For more information regarding specific Certification requirements, click

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Citizenship/Residency Requirement

Please be advised, you are required to have a US social security number before we can issue you a teaching certificate.

United States citizenship or permanent residence status is required for Permanent and Professional Certification only. View a list of acceptable forms of proof of residency.
Last Updated: December 4, 2014