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Entering in the Retirement Waiver Superintendent Statement in the TEACH System

The administrator must read the questions carefully and provide detailed responses.  Do not include any personal identifiable information for anyone other than the candidate. If adequate responses are not provided it will delay the processing of your request.  Responses to the items listed below are required to process the waiver request.  Districts BOCES and VEEBs will be contacted by NYSED for this information if not provided:

  • How the retired person came to the attention of your District -- For example, responded to the positing if the request is based on an emergency need; responded to a posting and is known to staff from work in other districts in the area; suggested by colleagues; or whatever the situation was.

  • For each non-retired individual [willing to accept the position
    on if offered] who responded to your efforts, state the reason(s) why the person was eliminated from consideration, such as poor references, did not respond to request for interview, not certified for the position, etc.  If no non-retired individuals applied, simply state so.

  • Describe the recruitment plan, detailing the plans to replace the retired person with a certified, and qualified person, or in the case of a school resource officer, a qualified person, by the conclusion of the approved temporary employment period. The recruitment plan shall specify the selection criteria, including the media outlets the district or board will utilize to recruit a candidate.

  • A contingency plan for expanded recruitment if the initial recruitment procedures do not yield sufficient, certified, non-retired candidates.
Last Updated: July 21, 2017