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Assessing the Development of Your District Mentoring Program: A Rubric

This rubric is intended to assist New York State school districts and BOCES in determining where their mentoring efforts/projects are on the continuum of development, to more fully define immediate program development goals, and to hold a clear vision of where they want to "grow" the district-mentoring program. It was designed to reflect the evolving nature of teacher mentoring programs in districts, as each district establishes this support for its teachers in its own unique environment.

You are invited to use this document as you choose, as one in an array of resources on mentoring available at the district level, through statewide educational networks, statewide teacher organizations, BOCES and other professional development entities.

This rubric is a Work In Progress to be updated as more and more districts gain experience with the complexities and promise of teacher mentoring.

Click here for the Assessing the Development of Your District Mentoring Program PDF (148KB).   The rubric may be printed in PDF format, with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Last Updated: April 6, 2016