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Administer NYSTCE Computer-Based Tests by becoming a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center

Effective September 1, 2013, many New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) are offered only on computer at Pearson computer-based testing centers. The exams offered only through computer-based testing include the new Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) and Educating All Students (EAS) test, as well as the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W), and Multi-subject Content Specialty Test. As a result, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and Pearson are working to expand the number of computer-based testing centers in New York State.

Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers provide on-site, on-demand testing for selected certification and professional licensure tests including the NYSTCE. Many academic institutions have existing testing centers or computer labs that meet the requirements to be a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center, which can earn revenue from Pearson VUE for each exam that is taken.

Financial Benefits

Pearson VUE will pay your center for each test that is delivered. The number of test delivery workstations your center has available and the hours of operation will determine how much revenue potential there is for your center.

NYSTCE payment terms

Payment per Exam

Exam Length

$21.25 USD

*4 hour 15 min

*exam lengths can vary

If an examinee finishes early, the center will still be paid for the total exam time. If an examinee is absent, the center will be paid 50% of the total exam time. Please refer to the financial terms in the Test Center Agreement for additional details.

For example, a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center has 15 workstations that are open 4 days per week for 8.5 hours per day. If the center fills 75% of the available seats, it would be possible to earn $7,650 in revenue for the month. If the center were to run at full capacity, the revenue would be $10,200 per month.

Test Center Hours of Operation

Pearson VUE has a robust scheduling system that allows you to be in control in determining the days and times your center is available for testing. The key factors in maximizing testing center capacity are provided below. These three factors are entirely in the control of your test center manager. These factors can be modified as needed to either increase or decrease test center availability based on demand for testing in your area.

  • The number of computer workstations used for the certification exams
  • The number of days testing will occur per week
  • The hours your center will be open on a given day

For example, you can decide if you would like to open one day a week for 8.5 hours, or twice weekly for 4 hours 15 minutes. While you may offer testing on weekends and in the evenings, it is not a requirement.

To meet the needs of NYSTCE, your center will be required to be open a minimum of 8.5 hours per week. To accommodate the longer testing sessions, you must be open at least 4 hours 15 minutes. If you would like to accommodate candidates who wish to take both subtests of the School Building Leader Assessment in one day, your center would need to be open a minimum of 9 hours.

Candidates will be offered appointment times based on your test center schedule. The Pearson VUE system will offer test-taker appointment dates and times in a way that is most cost effective for your center; available seats are filled from the beginning of the shift and appointments later in the day are offered only after those seats are filled.

Candidates register and schedule their tests online. As part of this process, a candidate creates an account, selects the desired exam, test center, date and time and pays by credit card. Test-takers generally choose a test center based on a date/time that is convenient for them. Therefore, the more often your center is available, the more likely test-takers will choose to test there.

Managing Your Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center Staffing

At least one person must be certified per testing center to administer Pearson VUE authorized exams. For each period of time that the test center is open, a certified Test Administrator (TA) must be present to serve as a proctor. The TA is responsible for overseeing the appropriate check-in/check-out procedures and actively monitoring the test-takers while exams are in session. Your institution can train and certify as many TAs as needed based on your center’s hours of operation and maintaining the ratio of 1:15 proctors to candidates. The steps for becoming a VUE® Authorized Test Center are described below.

Five steps to become a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center*

Step 1: Apply - Assess your readiness by reviewing the Pearson VUE technical specifications and facility requirements found at www.pearsonvue.com/pvtc/academic, and then complete the application. Attach all supporting documents including a copy of your floor plan and photographs of your center.

Step 2: Sign - Once your application is received and reviewed, Pearson VUE will send you an agreement and other applicable forms to be signed and returned.

Step 3: Approval - Once approved, you will receive a pre-activation kit which contains materials for your test center. You will also receive your Pearson VUE Site ID which enables access to the online Policies & Procedures Guide. You will need to provide proof that you have procured the Enhanced Security Protocol (ESP) kit.

Step 4: Install - The testing software installs promptly with the assistance of the Pearson VUE Support Services team.

Step 5: Train - Designate a Test Administrator (TA) who can review the online Policies & Procedures Guide and complete the open-book TA certification test. Once your TA passes the test and is certified, you will be activated to start test delivery.

* This process may vary slightly


  • No upfront costs
  • No annual licensing fees
  • Facilities and equipment: Many academic institutions have existing testing centers or computer labs that meet the requirements to be a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center; therefore, there are no added costs to the institution to become a Pearson VUE center
  • ESP Kit: Fee will be temporarily waived for new test centers in New York State. The typical fee is $450 USD

For more information regarding technical and physical requirements for setting up one of these Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers, please contact:

Mike Olson
Channel Sales Associate
PVTC Americas
DIR 952.681.4779 TOLL FREE 800.247.8719 FAX 612.395.5491

Last Updated: March 7, 2014