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Online Enhancements


Deans and Directors of Institutions Offering Teacher Education Programs

From: Joseph P. Frey, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Higer Education

November 5, 2009


Online Enhancements

I write to bring to your attention two technological initiatives that Pearson is implementing as our certification examination contractor. The Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson announced these on its Web site on October 19, 2009. Pearson now allows candidates to establish their own password‐protected online account ("MyAccount"). This online account will become the means by which test takers will register for tests, correspond with Pearson, and ultimately, receive their test scores.

The second initiative will be implemented on January 15, 2010 as part of the reporting of exam scores to candidates from the December 2009 exam administration. These score reports may be available to candidates by E‐mail or by downloading the score report from their online Pearson account ("MyAccount").

Below are more detailed descriptions of both:

  1. MyAccount is a new service for New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) candidates, whereby candidates may create a personal, password‐protected account of their NYSTCE test information and history. This service provides candidates the opportunity to register for a test, view their registrations, confirm or modify a registration, request their admission ticket, access score reports, view their NYSTCE testing history, view and update their personal information, and view their Pearson financial status for NYSTCE tests.

  2. Electronic score reporting is a new service for NYSTCE candidates, whereby on the score report date, candidates may access a PDF file of their complete report on the Pearson Web site. Candidates may do so by logging into their personal account (“MyAccount”), or by selecting the Score Reporting link from Pearson’s homepage, and entering their personal information to access their score reports. The score reports will be available for 45 days for candidates to view, download/save, and/or print. In addition, candidates who register online may provide authorization to have their score reports also sent to them as a PDF file by E‐mail. Candidates who register by regular mail will continue to receive their score reports by U.S. Mail, and will also have access to their scores online via the Score Reporting link on the Web site. Please note: Electronic score reporting will not be implemented for ATS‐P exams, which are being phased out

The creation of "MyAccount" on the Pearson Web site for the certification exams will be a benefit for students in your program. However, we need to guard against new teacher candidates confusing the “MyAccount” feature available through Pearson, our Testing contractor, and the TEACH account on the State Education Department Web site used for certification. I ask that you stress with your students that the New York State Teacher Certification Account with SED is separate and distinct from any account set up with Pearson (“MyAccount”) as the testing vendor.

We have also implemented a new feature in the TEACH system to address situations where your students have an account in TEACH but forget their user ID. The link for this is https://ws04.nyenet.state.ny.us/sreg/ForgotUserId.
I hope these enhancements to Examination and TEACH services will be helpful to your students.

cc: Evaluation Systems group of Pearson
College Users of TEACH
Robert G. Bentley
Ellen Massa
Richard Gervais

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