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November Meeting Minutes 2010

State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching

Video Conference Meeting Minutes

Date:               November 18, 2010                                          
Locations:      State Education Department, Regents Room, Albany, New York
Daemon College, Amherst, New York
SUNY at New Paltz, New Paltz, New York
State Education Department, New York, New York
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Members Present

Gerald Mager, co-chair
Julius Adams
Sheila Appel
Debra Calvino
Janice Cabbell
Steve Danna
Khieta Davis
Cheryl Freedman

Lindsay Haviland
Jan Hammond
Margaret Kaiser
John Mahony
Walter Robertson
Pamela Sandoval
Gale Sookdeo
Ellen Sullivan


Catalina Fortino, co-chair
Richard Ahola
Coleen Clay
Allison Cugini
Richard Feller

Lloyd Jaeger
Susan Mittler
Joseph Perez
Susan Phillips
Frank Scelsa


Robert Bentley
Patricia Oleaga


November 18, 2010

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 2:08 p.m.

2. Legislative Visits

Jerry Mager began a discussion of the future of legislative visits and whether the Board should continue the practice. Several members felt legislative visits were important and should continue. Sheila Appel volunteered to organize legislative visits for the coming year scheduled for March

3.  Draft letters for the Commissioner and the Board of Regents.

Jerry read a draft letter the Commissioner and the Regents regarding the draft of the New York State Teaching Standards. Pam, Jan and Ellen offered to revise and edit the draft.

Jerry reported on the draft letter regarding the Clinically Rich Teacher Preparation program RFP, After discussing the RFP timeline the board felt this letter would not be timely.

4. Update on Regent’s Task Force

Elena Bruno reported on the third meeting of the Regent’s Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness and the 60% Other Measures for Teachers Work Group.

5. SED Update

Bob Bentley reported on the

  1. Teaching Standards Survey
  2. State Education Department’s Strategic Vision
  3. Future revisions to Teacher Tenure areas

6.  Adjournment

The co-chair adjourned the meeting at 4:35 p.m.

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