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Office of Teaching Initiatives
Executive Coordinator

Date: December 2003

Teacher Education Contacts at Colleges with Registered Teacher Education Programs; Regional Certification Officers; New York State United Teachers; National Education Association; United Federation of Teachers

From: Office of Teaching Initiatives
Subject: Statement of Continued Eligibility for individuals currently teaching subjects or classes using American Sign Language (ASL) as the medium of instruction; subjects or classes within A Gifted and Talented Program; or Theater

New Regulations effective February 2, 2004 governing the certification of teachers create several new certificate titles. As of that date, individuals teaching subjects or classes in new certificate areas will need to hold valid certificates in those areas or hold a Statement of Continued Eligibility (SOCE).

Individuals currently teaching subjects or classes using American Sign Language as the instructional medium or subjects or classes within a Gifted and Talented program (certificate titles which are new in 2004) may apply for a SOCE to enable them to continue to legally teach in their respective area. For New York State certification purposes, a SOCE will be the equivalent of a Permanent certificate in the new title to be instituted in 2004.   In addition to permitting the holder to continue to legally teach in that area, the SOCE will be transferable from one New York State school district to another.

The Regents will be considering a technical amendment to implement a SOCE for individuals currently teaching Theater within the next few months. For information on the progress of this proposal, please refer periodically to the Office of Teaching Initiatives Web site at .


  • Employment in a public school position in New York State as a teacher within the affected certificate title for three of the five years immediately preceding February 2, 2004.
  • Possession of a Permanent New York State classroom teacher certificate in any title during the three years of claimed experience.

To Apply:

  • Teachers using American Sign Language as the medium of instruction, or teachers of Gifted/Talented classes should obtain an Application for Certification from the school district. Go to Forms and Applications to obtain this application.
  • The applicant must complete the application in full.    On p.1, item #8, enter the appropriate 4-digit code and title of the SOCE requested as follows:

    Code Title
    9170 SOCE – Gifted and Talented
    7100 SOCE – American Sign Language
  • Enclose a copy of the resolution of the local board(s) of education appointing the applicant to the qualifying position.
  • Enclose a letter on school district letterhead from the employing superintendent stating that the individual has taught in the respective area for the specified amount of time. Dates of employment must be included.
  • Mail the completed application, the copy of the school board's resolution, the letter from the school superintendent, and a Postal Money order for $100 payable to The New York State Education Department to:
    The New York State Education Department
    Office of Teaching Initiatives
    P.O. Box 22064
    Albany, NY    12201

Commissioner's Regulations require such applications to be filed on or before February 1, 2004.   SOCE's will be effective September 1, 2004.

If you have any questions regarding the Statement of Continued Eligibility, please call (518) 474-4661.

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