Educating All Students test (EAS) safety net

As directed by the Board of Regents, the Department has amended the passing standard for the EAS to establish a temporary “Safety Net passing score” which, was applied retroactively to candidates who had taken the EAS after it became operational. 

  • The Safety Net passing score for the EAS has been set to 500. The original passing score was 520. The passing status has been adjusted in TEACH for those candidates that had a score between 500 and 520.

  • Candidates taking the EAS on, or before, the revised EAS becomes operational, will be evaluated under the Safety Net passing score automatically.

  • If a candidate has a passing score based on the Safety Net passing score for the EAS, the EAS exam requirement in TEACH will be checked off in the list of requirements.  If a passing score on the EAS was the last requirement for certification, the certification should show as issued.

  • If a candidate has met all requirements for certification on, or before, June 30, 2018, except the use of one or more of the safety nets, and the certificate has not issued, send an email to examsafetynet@nysed.gov with the candidates first and last name, the last four digits of the social security number and the date of birth, and request that the safety net(s) be applied. We will then review the candidate’s application.

  • If necessary, candidates may take advantage of multiple safety nets, as available, in order to meet the requirements for certification provided all other certification requirements are completed by the date in the Safety Net Deadline Chart.
Last Updated: March 29, 2017