Board of Regents Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Board of Regents Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Education Law 201 Regents Purpose – encourage and promote education, visit and inspect institutions
Education Law 207 Regents Legislative Power – determine educational policies and establish rules relating to education
Regents Rule 13.1 Commissioner’s Authority – by extension of E.L. 207, Regents authorized the Commissioner to promulgate regulations governing the registration of courses of study
Education Law 210 Regents Authorized Activities – register domestic and foreign institutions in terms of New York standards
Education Law 215 Regents Authorized Activities – visit, examine into, and inspect any institution; require reports, as often as desired; suspend the charter or any of the rights and privileges of an institution
Education Law 216 Regents Authorized Activity – incorporate any university, college…or other institution or association…for the promotion of…education in any way
Education Law 237 Regents Responsibility – master planning for higher education in New York State

CAUTION expressed by Court in Moore vs. Board of Regents, 1978:

While upholding the Regents broad policy-making authority over both public and private higher education in the State, the Court cautioned that the Regents could not transform section 207 of the Education Law into an all-encompassing power permitting the Regents’ intervention in the day-to-day operation of the institutions of higher education in New York.

Last Updated: November 9, 2011