The Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs administers approximately 90 million dollars in grants, contracts and scholarships to colleges and universities; schools, school districts and BOCES; community based and non-profit organizations; and students.  These programs seek to assist students in the preparation for, access to, support during, and the successful completion of a postsecondary program, certificate or degree.

The Office provides technical assistance on innovative strategies to: 

  1. Improve college graduation rates for ethnic, cultural and other underrepresented and or disadvantaged students; and
  2. Close the gap for students in need of academic intervention services to meet the Regents graduation requirements.

To accomplish this, the Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs coordinates its efforts through three operational units.

for Further Information contact

Stanley S. Hansen Jr, Executive Director

Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs

New York State Education Department
Room 505W, Education Building

Albany, NY 12234
(518) 486-5202

(518) 474-7468 FAX
E-mail: kiap@mail.nysed.gov

Last Updated: September 2, 2014