Educators who hold one or more of the following certificates must register with the Department every five years:

  • Permanent or Professional certificate in the classroom teaching service
  • Permanent or Professional certificate in the educational leadership service (i.e., School Building Leader, School Administrator/Supervisor, School District Leader, School District Administrator, School District Business Leader, or School Business Administrator)
  • Teaching Assistant Level III certificate

Educators who are subject to registration must have "Registered - Active" status in order to practice in an applicable school. The definitions of an “applicable school” and “practicing” are provided below:

  • “Applicable schools” include New York State (NYS) school districts or BOCES. NYS nonpublic schools also became applicable schools on October 17, 2017. In addition, the New York City Department of Education and any of its components are considered a single applicable school.
  • “Practicing” means employed 90 days or more during a school year by a single applicable school in New York State. A day of employment includes a day actually worked in whole or in part, or a day not actually worked but a day paid.

There is one registration period per educator, regardless of the number of certificates held that are subject to registration. An educator who registers or is automatically registered in TEACH, and earns subsequent certificate(s) that are subject to registration, will not register or be automatically registered again for the subsequent certificate(s).

Information about registration is available through the following links.

Last Updated: June 24, 2021