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Individuals Certified Prior to 1983
Please note, if certified prior to 1983, certification information may have not been entered into the TEACH system. If you are unable to find your information in our Certificate Holder Lookup Page, it may need to be researched and entered into the system manually by OTI. Please see the instructions below of how to request your certification information be researched and entered into the TEACH system:

  • Individuals granted certification prior to 1983 should visit our Certificate Holder Lookup Page here to verify that their certification information is available in the TEACH system.
  • If you are unable to locate your name in the TEACH system initially, you may use different methods to widen you search, such as a first, last,  maiden name or partial name:
    • Example: partial name using a “%” symbol after such as “Kim%” or “McMill%
  • If your information does not appear when attempting to verify your certification information, that means it was not yet entered into the TEACH online system.
  • If you do not already have a Teach account, you will need to self-register by creating a username and password. You may begin this process here and click “Create a TEACH Account.”
  • To have your information researched and entered into the TEACH system, you will need to request a Record Search by completing the Record Search Request Form.  
  • A Record Search request will also require a certificate holder to submit copies of any certificates you currently hold and, a list of any other certificates you believe you may have had.

Record Search Request Form

Last Updated: March 8, 2023