COVID-19 Update: Theory and Techniques of Coaching (Sport Specific) Course Internship Experience Flexibility

June 23, 2020. All coaches of extracurricular sports must complete a sport-specific theory and techniques of coaching course within five years of their initial appointment as a coach. One of the requirements in this course is an internship experience. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, coaches are currently not able to complete the internship experience in-person with P-12 students, mentors, and/or supervisors given the closures of schools, sports teams, and other athletics settings.

For the internship experience during Summer 2020, we encourage course instructors to provide opportunities for coaches to work with P-12 students, mentors, and supervisors in-person or virtually using distance education instructional methods and technologies, wherever possible. If this type of interaction is not possible for the entire experience, course instructors may supplement the internship experience with alternative methods of instruction. However, the internship must include some virtual and/or in-person interaction with P-12 students.

Alternative methods of instruction must ensure that the coaches develop the knowledge and skills expected during internship experience. Examples of alternative methods of instruction include, but are not limited to, simulations, video case studies, and other coaching exercises.

For questions about coaching courses, including internship experiences, please contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at or (518) 474-5922.

For questions about coaching, including approved certification courses and course providers, please contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at or (518) 474-5922.

The above information is also provided in a memo to the field.

Last Updated: June 23, 2020