Professional Certificate

This type of certificate is currently available for applicants and is within the School Administration and Supervision and the Classroom Teacher area of interest.

Professional Certificate


A certificate of this type is issued as the advanced-level certificate for classroom teachers (issued in specific subject/grade titles) and School Building Leaders.


Continuously valid with completion of the required Continuing Teacher and Leader (CTLE) hours during every five year registration period. The five-year registration period begins when you registered as “Registered”.  Individuals that are issued their first Professional certification starting 7/1/2016 and thereafter, will be automatically registered for their initial five-year registration period. The registration period will begin the first day of the month when the certification was issued until the end of the month prior to their birth month in the 5th year.

Registered holders of  Professional certificates are required to successfully complete 100 clock hours of acceptable CTLE during the registration period if they practice 90 days or more in a single applicable school district, board of cooperative educational services (BOCES) or nonpublic school that is providing instruction pursuant to Education Law §3204(2) located in New York State.

Application Fee

$50 based on completion of a New York State approved program.
$100 using all other pathways.

Paper Certificate Printed?

Yes, certificate will be mailed to the address on file in TEACH.

Available Titles

List of available classroom teaching titles








Last Updated: December 26, 2017