Internship Certificate

The Internship certificate enables eligible candidates to gain paid experience during their internship in their New York State registered graduate educator preparation program leading to teacher, school counselor, or educational leadership certification. Since the certificate is aimed at first-time educators, candidates who were previously certified in New York State are not eligible for the Internship certificate in the same subject area of the certificate held.

The following table provides an overview of the Internship certificate. Additional information is also provided below the table.

Internship Certificate


The Internship certificate is issued to eligible candidates who are enrolled in a NYS registered/approved graduate educator preparation program leading to teacher, school counselor, and educational leadership (school building leader, school district leader, and school district business leader) certification that includes internship experience(s). The candidate must have completed at least 50% of the semester hour requirement for the program. The program determines if the candidate is eligible for the Internship certificate and must provide appropriate supervision.  


The Internship certificate is valid for up to two years from its effective date and not renewable. When the student completes or leaves the program, the certificate is no longer valid.

Application Fee


Paper Certificate Printed?

No. Internship certification is verified in the TEACH system.


Validity Period

The Internship certificate is valid for up to two years and cannot be renewed (extended). If a candidate who holds the Internship certificate leaves the graduate educator preparation program prior to graduating, his/her certificate is no longer valid. When this happens, the institution of higher education (IHE) should immediately send an email to the Office of Teaching Initiatives stating that the candidate is no longer enrolled in the program and that the TEACH system needs to be updated to reflect the date on which the candidate left the program, becoming the certificate’s expiration date.

When candidates complete the educator preparation program, the Internship certificate is no longer valid and the IHE must enter the College Recommendations for certification into TEACH. Programs that lead to Provisional/Permanent or Initial/Professional certification should enter both types into the system. In addition, programs should not withhold or delay the posting of the candidates’ College Recommendation until they complete certification exams, unless the exams are also program requirements (e.g., School District Leader and School District Business Leader programs).


Individuals employed in public school districts, BOCES, or approved early intervention organizations in New York Stated must be appropriately certified. If individuals are not appropriately certified while working for one of these organizations, their paid experience is considered unacceptable for Professional and Permanent certification purposes. In addition, they will need to research their options to complete the experience requirements for certification.

Last Updated: August 31, 2020