Approved Teacher Preparation Program

TEACH Online ServicesA person may complete a teacher education program in a New York college or university (View a list of the NYS registered Teacher Preparation Programs) and be recommended for a certificate provided that program has been registered by the Department as leading to the designated certificate.

The institutional recommendation is completed by the recommending institution using TEACH Online Services. The institution also provides each applicant with a "Student Application Information Sheet" outlining all the information the student needs in order to apply for a certificate through the approved program pathway.   Applicants for Certification should click TEACH Online Services and create a TEACH account. Once an account is created, the applicant can login to TEACH to apply for Certification through the approved program pathway. Contact your recommending institution for your "Student Application Information Sheet." College recommended applicants must also satisfy the testing requirement and obtain fingerprint clearance before the certificate can be issued.

Last Updated: April 12, 2016