Mentoring Requirement for Certification

"Mentored experience" refers to the guidance and support that experienced, certified teachers/school building leaders provide to new teachers/school building leaders in their first year of teaching/building leadership in a public school.

To receive Professional certification, classroom teachers and school building leaders must complete the mentoring requirement. The mentoring requirement must be verified by the superintendent of the employing school district through the TEACH Online System.

Certificate Holders Who Must Complete Mentoring
  • Classroom Teachers: Teachers holding a Conditional Initial, Initial, Internship, Transitional B, or Transitional C certificate must be mentored in their first year of teaching or must have successfully completed two years of teaching experience prior to such teaching in the public schools. For teachers who hold more than one Initial classroom teaching certificate, only one mentored experience must be completed to fulfill the mentoring requirement for their Professional certificate(s).

  • School Building Leaders: Individuals must participate in a mentored program for School Building Leaders in the first year of employment as a School Building Leader or must have successfully completed two years of educational leadership service prior to such public school service.

The Office of Teaching Initiatives will review mentoring that was completed during the life of the Initial certificate if the mentoring was not received in the first year.

The Mentoring FAQ webpage provides additional information about the mentoring requirement.

Last Updated: May 4, 2022