School Building Leader Certificate Experience Requirement

For the School Building Leader (SBL) Initial certificate, individuals must complete at least three years of acceptable teaching and/or pupil personnel service experience.

For the SBL Professional certificate, individuals must complete at least three years of acceptable educational leadership experience. During the first year of educational leadership experience, the individual must receive mentoring from a certified administrator.

Administrative Duties

Individuals who hold a valid SBL or SAS certificate may work in a single school building or may work in multiple school buildings within a district while performing the same or similar administrative duty(ies) across buildings. The administrative duties that they perform must support building-level work and initiatives, regardless of location(s) performed, may include but are not limited to: hiring and supervising certified school personnel; overseeing the school curriculum, instruction, and professional development; addressing school climate; and managing the school budget.

Examples of Acceptable Educational Leadership Experiences

Experience that is gained in the following positions is considered acceptable experience as an education leader.

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal, Vice Principal, Associate Principal
  • School-building level administrators, such as a Coordinator, Department Chairperson, Supervisor, or Unit Head
  • Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and similar district-level positions
Examples of Experiences that Are Not Educational Leadership Experiences
  • Civil service positions
  • Athletic Director (this position does not require State certification)
  • Instructional Support Services (this is a teaching position, not an educational leadership position)      
Last Updated: April 26, 2023