Valid CPR Course for the Coaching License

First Aid and CPR Certification Flexibility for Coaches in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis Memo

Individuals who apply for their first Temporary Coaching license must obtain a valid (not expired) CPR certificate of completion by completing an Initial course (not a Review, Challenge, or fully online course). Individuals who apply for a Temporary Coaching License Renewal or a Professional Coaching License or License Renewal must obtain a valid (not expired) CPR certificate of completion by completing either an Initial or Review course (not a Challenge or fully online course).

The CPR certificate course must be taken from an:

If you complete a CPR course from one of the national providers, the course title must match exactly the title listed on the webpage.

Certificates of completion should be sent to tcert@nysed.gov with the subject line “Coaching CPR certificate of completion”.

American Red Cross Courses

Important information regarding the submission of American Red Cross courses can be found on the Submitting American Red Cross courses webpage.

Applicants can have their American Red Cross Course instructor sign and submit the following Verification of Completion of an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Course form to verify that they completed an Initial or Review course, and not a Challenge course. Applicants should also send their certificate of completion to tcert@nysed.gov.

As of January 1, 2022, OTI will be going paperless with this application. All coaching documents must be submitted electronically to tcert@nysed.gov with subject line "ATTN: Coaching."

Last Updated: December 14, 2021