Chart of Classroom Teaching Certificate Titles

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Classroom Teaching Certificate Titles

Agriculture (all grades)
Biology (grades 5-9)
Biology (grades 7-12)
Blind and Visually Impaired (all grades)
Business and Marketing (all grades)
Chemistry (grades 5-9)
Chemistry (grades 7-12)
Childhood Education (grades 1-6)
Dance (all grades)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (all grades)
Early Childhood Education (birth-grade 2)
Earth Science (grades 5-9)
Earth Science (grades 7-12)
Educational Technology Specialist (all grades)
English Language Arts (grades 5-9)
English Language Arts (grades 7-12)
English to Speakers of other Languages (all grades)
Family and Consumer Sciences (all grades)
Generalist in Middle Childhood Education (grades 5-9)
Health Education (all grades)
Language other than English (specified) (grades 5-9)
Language other than English (specified) (grades 7-12)
Library Media Specialist (all grades)
Literacy (birth-grade 6)
Literacy (grades 5-12)
Mathematics (grades 5-9)
Mathematics (grades 7-12)
Music (all grades)
Physical Education (all grades)
Physics (grades 5-9)
Physics (grades 7-12)
Social Studies (grades 5-9)
Social Studies (grades 7-12)
Speech and Language Disabilities (all grades)
Students with Disabilities (birth-grade 2)
Students with Disabilities (grades 1-6)
Students with Disabilities (grades 7-12)
Technology Education (all grades)
Theater (all grades)
Visual Arts (all grades)

























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