Chart of Classroom Teaching Certificate Titles

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Classroom Teaching Certificate Titles

Agriculture (all grades)
Biology (grades 5-9)
Biology (grades 7-12)
Blind and Visually Impaired (all grades)
Business and Marketing (all grades)
Chemistry (grades 5-9)
Chemistry (grades 7-12)
Childhood Education (grades 1-6)
Computer Science (all grades)
Dance (all grades)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (all grades)
Early Childhood Education (birth-grade 2)
Earth Science (grades 5-9)
Earth Science (grades 7-12)
Educational Technology Specialist (all grades)
English Language Arts (grades 5-9)
English Language Arts (grades 7-12)
English to Speakers of other Languages (all grades)
Family and Consumer Sciences (all grades)
Health Education (all grades)
Indigenous Language and Culture (all grades)
Library Media Specialist (all grades)
Literacy (all grades)
Literacy (birth-grade 6)
Literacy (grades 5-12)
Mathematics (grades 5-9)
Mathematics (grades 7-12)
Music (all grades)
Physical Education (all grades)
Physics (grades 5-9)
Physics (grades 7-12)
Social Studies (grades 5-9)
Social Studies (grades 7-12)
Speech and Language Disabilities (all grades)
Students with Disabilities (all grades)
Students with Disabilities (birth-grade 2)
Students with Disabilities (grades 1-6)
Students with Disabilities (grades 7-12)
Technology Education (all grades)
Theater (all grades)
Visual Arts (all grades)

























Last Updated: January 16, 2024