Adult, Community, and Continuing Education

Adult, community and continuing education means those educational services provided by boards of education, boards of cooperative educational services and vocational education extension boards primarily to individuals who are not on the regular day school register of a school district.

Requirements for teachers.
A person teaching an occupational subject shall have three years of preparation and/or experience in the subject which the individual is employed to teach. When no such prepared and/or experienced person is available after extensive recruitment, an individual with less preparation and/or experience may be employed upon a finding by the chief school officer that such individual has sufficient preparation and/or experience to teach the subject.

You must be recommended by a school district superintendent to receive an adult education certificate.   It is suggested you contact your local district administrator for further information regarding these credentials.  The superintendent may request an adult education license by submitting a superintendent statement using the Office of Teaching Initiatives TEACH Online Services .

Last Updated: April 8, 2013