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Exam Site Availability


Deans and Directors of Institutions Offering Educator Preparation Programs; Certification Officers; edTPA Coordinators; Other Interested Parties.

From: John L. D’Agati, Deputy Commissioner of Office of Higher Education

March 3, 2015


Exam Site Availability pdf file (306KB)

As an increasing number of teacher and leader candidates continue to take their certification assessments, we have become aware of concerns raised by the field about isolated instances where candidates have had difficulty scheduling the necessary test at a convenient time, date and location. To help candidates identify nearby test sites, Pearson has established a website offering locality information on test sites in and around New York State (http://www.pearsonvue.com/es/locate/external-link). Candidates should frequently consult this website as Pearson continues to actively recruit test sites around the state.

We are also aware of concerns raised by the field that, even with these tools, a limited number of candidates are still experiencing difficulty securing a seat at a test site. In direct response to that concern, the Office of Higher Education has worked with Pearson to establish a Pearson customer service office with representatives (available by telephone at 1-800-989-8532) that are available to work with candidates and, if needed, test sites, in order to ensure that each and every New York candidate can obtain a seat for the needed assessment, at a test site within a reasonable distance from the candidate.

If, after speaking with a Pearson representative, candidates cannot find a test site offering the needed assessment at a convenient location and time, please have them email the Office of Higher Education’s dedicated mailbox, NYSTCEexamsiteavail@NYSED.gov, and the Office will work with Pearson directly to secure a test site that meets the candidates’ needs.

Please ensure this information is disseminated to faculty, students and certification officers.
In addition, if your institution is not already a Pearson test site and you would like to explore adding this convenience for your teacher and leader candidates, information about the requirements, benefits and application process may be found on the Officer of Higher Education website: http://www.highered.nysed.gov/newsitemVUE08122013.html .

Last Updated: June 15, 2015