TEACH System

Social Security Number Change

There is no fee for requesting a Social Secuirty Number change.

United States Applicants

  1. Log in to your TEACH account:  Login to TEACH
  2. Click "Update/Add Education, Employment, and Personal Information".
  3. Click “Edit Personal Info”.
  4. Click the “Request SSN Change” button.
  5. Enter the United States Social Security Number as shown on your SSN card.
  6. Upload a copy of the SSN card as supporting documentation for the SSN change request.

International Applicants

  1. If you do not have a United State Social Security Number, you can send an email to the Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) at otiadmin@nysed.gov with “TEACH Access Number” in the subject line to request a nine-digit identifier to use in the creation of your TEACH account. The email must include a PDF-formatted copy of either a valid passport or a valid visa.
  2. Send an email to teachhelp@nysed.gov with subject line “TEACH Access Number” requesting a change in your access number. The Office of Teaching Initiatives staff will make the change.
Last Updated: November 6, 2020