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March 2009 Meeting Minutes

Date: March 4 & 5, 2009
Location: State Education Department, Seminar Room 5A&B, Albany, New York


Debra Colley, co-chair
Eric Gidseg, co-chair
Richard Ahola
Sheila Appel
Richard Feller
Cheryl Freedman
Jan Hammond

Rosemary Harrigan
Aseba Harris
Lloyd Jaeger
Gerald Mager
April McKoy
Nicholas Michelli
Joseph Perez

Susan Phillips
Evie Rich
Patricia Roberts
Pamela Sandoval
Gale Sookdeo
Stephen Uebbing


Allison Cugini
Catalina Fortino

Susan Mittler
Walter Robertson

Diane Rowe
Frank Scelsa

Robert Bentley
Nancy Taylor Baumes

March 4, 2009

1. Call to Order

Day One of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 3:40 p.m.

2. January Meeting Follow-up/ Announcements

 1. The co-chairs reported that several members had the opportunity to discuss the Board’s position paper on special education certification with Joe Frey.
2. Lloyd Jaeger reported on the February Regents Higher Education Committee meeting that he attended.
3. Nick Michelli reported on the meetings of the Regents work group on Urban Teacher Education.

3. New Member

The Board welcomed new member Jan Hammond.

4. Professional Development Standards

The co-chairs announced that the Regents, at their February meeting, approved the Board’s recommendations and established the New York State Professional Development Standards. The co-chairs thanked Trish Roberts and the members of the Professional Development ad hoc committee for their excellent work, and acknowledged the contributions made by NYSUT and Department staff. 

5. Meeting Minutes

That the minutes of the January 2009 meeting be approved.
(Moved by R. Ahola, seconded by S. Appel, carried.)

6. Legislative Education Visits

 Sheila Appel, Nick Michelli, and Rosemary Harrigan reported on the visits conducted with Legislators/staff and Executive staff prior to today’s full Board meeting.

7. Policy Review

Bob Bentley reported  on proposed regulatory actions regarding:

  • Supplementary certificate sunset date and a Supplementary bilingual education extension
  • Tenure for instructional support service positions

8.  Adjournment

The co-chairs adjourned Day One of the meeting at 5:42 p.m.

March 5, 2009

1.  Call to Order

Day Two of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 11:37 a.m.

2. Information/ Updates

 Interested members will participate in a conference call on the proposed tenure regulation.

3. Planning for

 The co-chairs announced that priorities for 2009-2010 will be drafted by May for Board consideration and finalizing in June, for inclusion in the co-chairs’ annual report to the Regents in July.

4. Meeting with the Commissioner

 The co-chairs reported on their March 4 meeting with Commissioner Mills.

5.  Subcommittee Reports

 Professional Practices Subcommittee: Rosemary Harrigan, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on March 5, prior to the full board meeting. The subcommittee reviewed 12 Part 83 cases, and tabled one. The subcommittee also discussed the topic of teacher leadership.

Higher Education Subcommittee: Nick Michelli, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on March 5, prior to the full board meeting. The subcommittee conducted one RATE review.

6. Ad Hoc Group Reports

Professional Development Standards-
Rosemary Harrigan reported on the group’s initial work on developing a guidance document for the State Professional Development Standards.

Eric Gidseg reported on the group’s continuing work on the draft Mentoring Standards. The group expects to have draft ready by June for release to the field for comments.

Teacher Education Policy-
Nick Michelli reported that the group is gathering information for its report on accreditation.

 7. Adjournment

 Motion to adjourn.
 (Moved by J. Perez, seconded by C. Freedman, carried.)
The co-chairs adjourned Day Two of the meeting at 12:24 p.m.

Approved 5/7/09

Last Updated: August 5, 2009