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June 2008 Meeting Minutes

Date: June 5&6, 2008
Location: State Education Department, Seminar Room 5A&B, Albany, New York

Members Present

Debra Colley, co-chair
Eric Gidseg, co-chair
Richard Ahola
Allison Cugini
Desma DeGraw
Richard Feller
Catalina Fortino

Cheryl Freedman
Rosemary Harrigan
Lloyd Jaeger
Gerald Mager
Nicholas Michelli
Susan Mittler
Eva Mroczka

Joseph Perez
Tira Randall
Patricia Roberts
Pamela Sandoval
Frank Scelsa
Gale Sookdeo
Kathy Taylor


Sheila Appel
Erik Bitterbaum
Susan Phillips
Evie Rich
Sally Thompson
Stephen Uebbing

Robert Bentley
Nancy Taylor Baumes

June 5, 2008

1. Call to Order

Day One of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 3:39 p.m.

2. Announcements

The co-chairs acknowledged those members whose terms are expiring and thanked them for their contributions: Desma DeGraw and Eva Mroczka.

  • The co-chairs reported on actions taken in follow-up to the May meeting and the planned presentation at the June Regents meeting.
  • End-of-year evaluations are due.
  • Travel restrictions are now in place and prohibit air travel.
  • Please submit the end-of –year evaluations as soon as possible.

3. Meeting Minutes

That the minutes of the May 2008 meeting be approved.
(Moved by N. Michelli, seconded by T. Randall, carried.)

4. Subcommittee Reports

Professional Practices Subcommittee: Rosemary Harrigan, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on June 5, prior to the full Board meeting. The subcommittee reviewed 10 Part 83 cases and discussed with OSPRA staff possible ways to accommodate the expected increase in the number of Part 83 cases that will be brought to the subcommittee in the future. The discussion of Teacher Center funding issues has been table indefinitely. The issue of teacher leadership was discussed and potential discussion questions were drafted in preparation for full board consideration in the fall.

Higher Education Subcommittee: Nick Michelli, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on June 5, prior to the full board meeting. The subcommittee met with OCUE staff to discuss how second round RATE reviews will be conducted and issues related to documentation of the accreditation process.

5. Conference Reports

Lloyd Jaeger and other members who attended reported on the NUA Teaching for Intelligence Conference held in Albany on March 28-30.

  • Tira Randall and other members who attended reported on the Regents meeting on Preparing Teachers for Urban Education held in Yonkers on May 12.

Members discussed how to use the information gained from these conferences and how to link to ongoing efforts.

6. SED Policy Update

1. Special Education--
Debbie Colley and Jerry Mager reviewed the discussion from the May 29 conference call on the proposed restructuring of special education certification and shared a draft position paper.
Joe Frey reviewed the current proposals under consideration by the Department and asked for the Board’s input on various issues, including how to strengthen the alternative pathway.

  • Tenure--

Bob Bentley reported on the proposed regulatory amendment implementing the tenure statute that will go to the Regents for emergency action in June.

  • Autism—

Bob Bentley reported on the proposed regulatory amendment implementing the tenure statute that will go to the Regents for action in June.

  • Waivers for Retirees—

Bob Bentley reported on emergency amendments to the Regulations to strengthen the waiver review and approval process for employment of retirees that will go to the Regents for action in June.

7. Adjournment

The co-chairs adjourned Day One of the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

June 6, 2008

1. Call to Order

Day Two of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 8:10 a.m.

2. Subcommittee Assignments

The co-chairs presented the Higher Education subcommittee assignments and the recommended Professional Practices subcommittee assignments for 2008-2009.

Motion 1:
To adopt the proposed Professional Practice subcommittee assignments for 2008-2009, as revised.
(Moved by L. Jaeger, seconded by C. Freedman, carried)

3. Career & Technical Education Teachers

Kathy Taylor outlined various issues related to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of CTE teachers. Discussion followed and issues were identified for further discussion in the fall.

4. Ad Hoc Work Groups

Ad hoc chairs reported on the small group meetings:

-- Mentoring- Catalina Fortino reported that the group planned for July 30 writing session. The group will focus on mentoring as well as mentoring program design and development.

-- Teacher Education Policy- Nick Michelli reported that the group will meet on August 14 to work on three aspects of teacher education policy: alternative preparation programs, outcomes of accreditation, and the P-16 budget proposal on collaborative teacher preparation.

Motion 2:
The Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching recommends to the Education Department and Board of Regents that the 09 budget include funding for a grant program entitled “Fiscal Incentives to Enhance P-16 Collaboration for Urban Teacher Education Program Effectiveness” and described in the document by that title. (attached)
(Moved by F. Scelsa, seconded by J. Perez, carried)

-- Professional Development- Trish Roberts reported that the group continues to edit the standards based upon responses to the draft. This will be concluded at the summer writing session, along with the writing of an introduction, rubric and glossary.

5. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn:
(Moved by C. Freedman, seconded by J. Perez, carried.)
The co-chairs adjourned Day Two of the meeting at 12:25 p.m.

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