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June 2007 Meeting Minutes

Date: June 7 & 8, 2007
Location: State Education Department, Seminar Room 5A&B, Albany, New York

Members Present

Patrick Allen, co-chair
Eric R. Gidseg, co-chair
Janet A. Ahola
Erik Bitterbaum
Debra Colley
Allison Cugini
Desma DeGraw
Theresa R. DiPasquale

Catalina Fortino
Cheryl Freedman
Rosemary Harrigan
Lloyd Jaeger
Stephanie Leeds
Nicholas M. Michelli
Susan Mittler

Eva M. Mroczka
Joseph Perez
Susan Phillips
Evie Rich
Patricia Roberts
Frank Scelsa
Kathy Taylor


Todd R. Feigenbaum
Sally Thompson
Anne Marie Tryjankowski

Robert Bentley
Nancy Taylor Baumes

June 7, 2007

1. Call to Order

Day One of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 3:53 p.m.

2. Subcommittee Reports

Higher Education Subcommittee: Nick Michelli reported that the subcommittee met on June 7, prior to the full Board meeting. The subcommittee discussed the Article VII provisions, including tenure requirements. The subcommittee also conducted two RATE reviews, and reported that, to date, 24 higher education institutions have completed the RATE process: 5 were denied accreditation, and the Regents accepted the recommendations of the Standards Board in the other 19 reviews.

Professional Practices Subcommittee: Catalina Fortino reported that the subcommittee met on June 7, prior to the full Board meeting. The subcommittee reviewed 11 part 83 cases, for a total of 104 cases for the year, and received information on new OSPRA initiatives. Mike Moon presented one funding application for a new Teacher Center; the subcommittee voted to accept the staff recommendation to not fund this new center. The subcommittee approved the Teacher Center funding plan for 2007-2008, but with recommendations (Attachment 2).

3. Meeting Minutes

That the minutes of the May 2007 meeting be adopted as corrected.
(Moved by S. Leeds, seconded by C. Fortino, carried.)

4. Subcommittee
Assignments 2007-2008

The co-chairs presented the Higher Education Subcommittee assignments and proposed Professional Practices Subcommittee assignments for next year.

Motion 1:
To approve the proposed Professional Practices Subcommittee membership for 2007-2008 (Attachment 3).
(Moved by C. Freedman, seconded by S. Phillips, carried.)

5. Work Groups: Report Out

High School Graduation Rate:
Frank Scelsa reported that the group met to discuss the issue of diplomas for all students. The group will continue work and expect to have a recommendation in the fall.

Professional Development Standards:
Trish Roberts reported that the group reviewed other states’ standards and framed a proposed plan/timeline to draft proposed NYS standards. The group proposed an additional work session this summer to finish the draft.

Mentoring Standards:
Lloyd Jaeger reported on the group’s discussion and suggested an overall schematic of how efforts to develop mentoring standards/ professional development stand-ards and/or teaching standards may be approached/ coordinated.

6. Adjournment

The co-chairs adjourned Day One of the meeting at 5:36 p.m.

June 8, 2007

1. Call to Order

Day Two of the meeting was called to order by the co-chairs at 8:35 a.m.

2. Assistant Commissioner’s Report

Bob Bentley reported on the following:

  • The proposed timeline for implementation of the leadership exams.
  • The possibility that the Standards Board will fall under the provisions of the Executive Order that requires certain public meetings to be taped for public viewing. This would begin in September; more information will follow.

3. Announcement

The co-chairs acknowledged those members whose terms are expiring and thanked them for their contributions: Janet Ahola, Pat Allen, Teri DiPasquale, Todd Feigenbaum, and Stephanie Leeds. Best wishes to all.

4. Article VII Response: Teacher Tenure

Bob Bentley reviewed the Department’s plan to gather input on the development of regulations to implement the new requirements regarding tenure decisions and outlined some key issues for consideration. Members provided feedback/made recommendations regarding issues to consider as this effort moves forward.

5. Article VII Response: Teaching Issues

Joe Frey provided an update on the Department’s plans regarding implementation of the Article VII provisions, including plans for gaining input from stakeholders on a regional basis. Board members will be invited to participate in regional meetings.

Motion 2:
To adopt the proposed statement on a potential data system for teacher education (Attachment 4).
(Moved by D. Colley, seconded by N. Michelli, carried.)

6. Proposal on Special Education Certificate Structure

Joe Frey and Ruth Pagerey updated the Board on the field’s input to date regarding the structure of special education certification, which will be discussed with the Regents at their June meeting.

7. Agenda Setting

Motion 3:
To recommend that:
--a one day planning meeting be held this summer of the co-chairs, subcommittee chairs, ad hoc committee chairs, and staff;
--this planning group do a crosswalk between the framework for the Board’s conversation with the Commissioner and the elements of teacher development (teaching standards, professional develop-ment standards, mentoring standards, APPR, etc.) in order to outline a plan for next year’s work; and
-- the plan be circulated with the entire Board during August for review and comment.
(Moved by L. Jaeger, seconded E. Rich, carried.)

Members suggested the following items for the September agenda:

  • Draft professional standards (9/27)
  • Research Review: Darling-Hammond chapter on language
  • Work Group reports
  • New Visions program (Oct)
  • Work time blocked out at every meeting for ad hoc committees
  • Consider possible site visits
  • Inclusion of former Board members in reviewing Board proposals

8. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn:
(Moved by N. Michelli, seconded by J. Perez, carried.)
The co-chairs adjourned Day Two of the meeting at 12:22.

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