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January 2007 Meeting Minutes

Date: January 17 & 18, 2007
Location: State Education Department, Seminar Room 5A & B, Albany, New York
Members Present
Patrick Allen, co-chair
Eric R. Gidseg, co-chair
Janet A. Ahola
Desma DeGraw
Theresa R. DiPasquale
Todd R. Feigenbaum
Catalina Fortino
Rosemary Harrigan
Lloyd Jaeger
Stephanie Leeds
Nicholas M. Michelli
Susan Phillips
Evelyn Rich
Patricia Roberts
Kathleen Taylor
Erik Bitterbaum
Debra Colley
Allison Cugini
Cheryl Freedman
Susan Mittler
Eva M. Mroczka
Joseph Perez
Shelley Rappaport
Frank Scelsa
Sally Thompson
Anne Marie Tryjankowski
Robert Bentley
Nancy Taylor Baumes
JANUARY 17, 2007
1. Call to Order Day One of the meeting was called to order by co-chair Eric Gidseg at 3:33p.m.
2. Announcements The new Standards Board brochure is now available. Multiple copies are available upon request for members’ use.
  • Copies of the Darling-Hammond & Bransford book are available for members still needing copies.
  • Interested members are asked to sign up for e-mail news from Teacher Centers in their regions.
3. Meeting Minutes Motion: That the minutes of the November 2006 meeting be approved.
(Moved by S. Leeds, seconded by E. Rich, not carried due to lack of quorum.)
4. Subcommittee Reports Professional Practices Subcommittee
Catalina Fortino, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on January 17, prior to the full board meeting. Mike Moon shared a draft of the Teacher Center Program Annual Report. The subcommittee reviewed new center applications and approved staff recommendations to fund the following new centers:
Commack UFSD $60,000
Horseheads CSD $98,648
Lansing CSD-Groton CSD $121,250
North Merrick UFSD $64,995
Van Hornseville- Owen D. Young CSD $68,346
The subcommittee also requested additional data from Mike Moon in order to discuss Teacher Center funding distribution at its March meeting. Also, the subcommittee reviewed fourteen Part 83 cases. Higher Education Subcommittee Nick Michelli, chair, reported that the subcommittee met on January 17, prior to the full board meeting. The subcommittee discussed the RATE accreditation process with OCUE staff and requested more information about institutions’ progress following the initial RATE review.
5. Executive Director’s Report Bob Bentley reported on the following:
  • Staff are meeting with external groups for advice on the development of the assessments for the new school leadership certificates.
  • Reminder- The individual evaluation pathway for the Initial certificate in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) will no longer be available after February 1, 2007.
  • OHE’s efforts in the P-16 Initiative are aimed at interesting high school students in teaching.
  • Staff are meeting with external groups for advice on the restructuring of special education certificates.
  • OTI has begun a review of the semester hour requirement for science teachers applying for an additional certificate in another science.
  • The Department is not going forward with the proposal to establish an endorsement of out-of-state certificates.
  • There are currently 2 vacancies on the Board, with at least 4 more anticipated as of this June. Board members are asked to help identify good candidates for Board membership.
6. Part 83 Annual Report Debbie Marriott presented the Part 83 Annual Report (attached).
7. Meeting Calendar
The Board selected the 2007-2008 meeting dates, but deferred voting to adopt the calendar until the March meeting due to the lack of a quorum.
8. Proposal for Endorsement of Out-of-State Certificates

The Board discussed and suggested revisions to the position statement (drafted by Pat Allen and Allison Cugini) to the proposed regulatory amendment to establish endorsement of out-of-state certificates.
9. Adjournment The co-chair adjourned Day One of the meeting at 5:25 p.m.
JANUARY 18, 2006
1. Call to Order Day Two of the meeting was called to order by co-chair Pat Allen at 8:12 a.m.
2. Research Review Nick Michelli, Susan Phillips, and Stephanie Leeds led a discussion of the paper “Induction Into Learning Communities”.
3. Legislative Education Visits The Board established priority areas for the March Legislative visits. Evie Rich, Lloyd Jaeger, Rosemary Harrigan, and Stephanie Leeds will develop the materials with input and comment from members.
4. Agenda Setting Members suggested the following items for the March agenda:
  • Legislative Education visits/ briefing Diana Hinchcliff/report out
  • Status report on proposal re special education certification
  • Supply and demand data
  • Approval of 2007-2008 meeting calendar
  • Research review cont.- Chapter 12, Darling-Hammond, Bransford
  • Info on induction models in other professions
  • Revised statement on certificate endorsement proposal
  • Co-chairs report on meeting with the Commissioner
  • Statement on Early Childhood Education
  • Recruitment DVD prototype
5. Adjournment The co-chair adjourned Day Two of the meeting at 11:28 p.m.

Attachment: Annual Report January 2007

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