Highly Qualified (HQ Status)

The New York State Education Department does not verify the Highly Qualified (HQ) status of classroom teachers certified in New York. 

A status of HQ is not a requirement for certification in New York, but may be required by prospective employers.  In New York, employers (NYS public school districts) are responsible for determining if their teachers meet the applicable NCLB definitions of "highly qualified" because employers are subject to the NCLB, not individual teachers. The specific definition of "highly qualified" that employers must use depends on a teacher’s certification area, teaching assignments, and "newness" to the profession of teaching.  Please see the guidance memo at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/nclb/guidance/memos/03-2008.html  for more information. 

Anyone certified as a classroom teacher in New York will have taken and passed all exams that are required in the subject area of their certification, including an exam testing specific knowledge of the content of the certificate area (the NYS Content Specialty Test).  All candidates for certification in New York must take and pass all of the applicable New York State Teacher Certification Exams with one exception: candidates, who have taken the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) in another jurisdiction and passed with a score at or above the NYS pass level, will not be required to retake this assessment.  NYS does not waive the exam requirements for any individual under any circumstance.

Last Updated: October 17, 2013