Theatre - Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE) or Extension

Theatre - Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE) or Extension Issued prior to September 1, 2008

For Teachers of Theatre

Beginning September 1, 2004, individuals teaching classes in Theatre must have held a certificate in this title or a Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE) - Theatre.

Previously, certified speech teachers were authorized to teach Theatre.  Effective September 1, 2004 certified speech teachers could no longer be assigned as a teacher of theatre.  Teachers in this situation must have held the SOCE or the Theatre certificate in order to continue teaching Theatre.

Definition of a Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE)

The Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE) is a credential available to individuals whose teaching predates certification requirements in the subjects taught. With the establishment of certification requirements for Theatre, the SOCE allows these individuals to continue teaching that subject, without having to become certified in Theatre.

While the SOCE is acceptable to the NYS Education Department for teaching in any district in New York, individual school districts may require the Initial or Professional theater certificate.

Deadline to Obtain a SOCE

Qualified teachers must have applied for a STATEMENT OF CONTINUING ELIGIBILITY (SOCE) – Theatre by September 1, 2008 or have obtained the extension as required, in order to continue to teach legally in this area, effective September 1, 2004 and beyond.

Eligibility for A SOCE in Theatre

  • you must have held or been eligible for a Permanent NYS classroom teaching certificate in any title.
  • By September 1, 2008 you must have had teaching experience as a Theatre teacher for three of the five years immediately preceding September 1, 2004 in a NYS public school or private school.

If you were Ineligible for the SOCE

If you were ineligible for the SOCE in Theatre you must have met the requirements for a stand-alone Theatre certificate. See Search for Certification Requirements for more information.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012