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For general test information, go to Testing .

To find out what New York State Teacher Certification Tests (NYSTCE) are specifically required for your certification area, go to Search for Certification Requirements and follow the menu to your appropriate certificate subject title area and its test requirements.

For additional test-taking or related information on the individual LAST, ATS-W, CST, CQST, and BEA tests and the ATS-P (video), you must visit the NYSTCE web site at http://www.nystce.nesinc.com/  . View or print the actual Registration Bulletin for helpful information including, telephone and mailing address.

Also find comprehensive details including:

  • All about the NYSTCE
    Who is required to take tests, Out-of-state testing requirements, Test development, Description of tests, Preparation guides, and Test Date.
  • Registration and testing information
    Rules and how to register, Late or emergency registration, Payment policies, and Alternative testing arrangements.
  • After Registration
    Admission ticket, Notification of error in registration, Changing test date, site, tests – after registration, adding a test – after registration and Partial refunds.
  • Day of the test
    Admission, Thumb printing, Prohibited materials, late materials and Cancellation of a test administration.
  • Score reports
    Release of your test scores, Additional reports, Canceling scores by examinee, Rescoring a test and Retaking a test.
  • Forms
    Alternative testing arrangements, Test-add form, Refund request, and Additional score report
  • When to take the ATS-P (VIDEO)
    Rules for participation, Instructions to register, Materials, Scores and much more

For Questions on Tests Required for Classroom Certification

If you did not meet Provisional requirements for NYS certification by February 2, 2004, then you must now meet the new requirements for Initial certification effective as of February 2, 2004. See general information on regulations below and follow them to details on test requirements for your specific subject title area certification.

For Questions on Tests Required for Permanent Certification

If Your Provisional Certificate is Still Valid

For holders of a currently valid Provisional certificate, you must complete the tests required for your Permanent certificate as per the regulations in effect when your Provisional certificate was issued. So for example if you hold a valid Pre K-6 Provisional certificate, your requirements for the Permanent certificate still include passing scores on the ATS-P video and the Multi-Subject Content Specialty Test (previously called the Elementary Education N-6 CST).

For Questions About NYS Tests Previously Taken

If you are applying for a certificate that has the same test requirements as those you met for a prior certificate, those passing scores may be valid now. Any new tests, formulated to meet new regulations, must be passed to obtain new certificates.

For Questions About the Praxis Exam or Others Tests

Only tests in the New York State Teacher Certification Examination program satisfy NYS teacher certification requirements.

For Questions About the TLPA, ELPA, and the BEA

Applicants seeking a Bilingual certificate should note that the TLPA and ELPA exams are no longer offered. The Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) is now requried.

General Questions on Scores, Retaking Exams and Study Guides

Passing exam scores are required and tests can be retaken as many times as needed. Additional Study Guides for tests can typically be purchased at bookstores or may be available at a library. In order for your NYSTCE test scores to be connected to your Teacher Certification application(s), you must put your United States Social Security Number on your application(s) and test(s) as per instructions on each. See the NYSTCE web link for further information.

For Duplicate Copy of Test Scores

To obtain a copy of your score report, go to the NYSTCE web site and see the Registration Bulletin. Find the "Additional Score Report Request Form" and complete it. Follow directions and include payment and mail to Evaluation Systems Pearson. Score reports are available one month after the respective score report mailing date for a $15. fee. The service includes a copy of the score report for each test taken at one administration. This service is available for up to three years after the score report mailing date.

General Information on Regulations – For Your Specific Certification Requirements

On February 2, 2004, the regulations governing the requirements to qualify for classroom teaching certificates changed. Depending on when you submitted your application for certification, different regulations will determine what requirements you must fulfill in order to be eligible for a classroom teaching certificate.

  • If you applied before February 2, 2004, and
    • you met the requirements in effect at that time, you will be evaluated under the old regulations for certification that were in effect prior to the new changes instituted on February 2, 2004.
    • you did not meet the requirements in effect at that time, you will be evaluated under the new regulations and certification requirements that became effective February 2, 2004.
  • For further information regarding certification requirements, go to Search Certification Requirements .

For Mailing & Phone Information Evaluation Systems Pearson

Evaluation Systems Pearson
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Telephone: 800-309-5225 (24 hours, 7 days/wk) for recorded information

Or to ask questions: 413-256-2882, 9 am – 5pm Eastern Time (Monday – Friday)

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