About Your Employment Issues

You must address all questions about your employment, pay, steps, or any other pertinent employee issues directly to your employer.

  • If you have received an offer of employment and have not yet received your evaluation, please see the information about Expedited Service .

  • For a copy of your certificate or if your employer has requested copy of an already issued certificate please review the necessary steps to obtain a Duplicate Certificate .

  • For questions regarding positions pertinent to Coaching, Substitute Teaching, Teacher's Assistant , Teacher Aides, Retired Public Employees, and more go to Authorizations for Employment.

  • For information about teaching a subject not covered by your certificate go to Incidental Teaching.

  • We do not provide statements of professional standing.  Canadian Ministries of Education and School Districts have been informed of their ability to access our certification database.  For more information go to Individuals Requesting Verification of New York State Teacher Certification .
Last Updated: September 11, 2009