American Sign Language (ASL) - Statement of Continuing Eligibility (SOCE) or Extension

You Must File an Application for Evaluation for Certification

Those applying for certification through the individual transcript evaluation pathway should also apply using . Applicants can go to Individual Evaluation of U.S. Credentials for additional information. Those applicants with credentials from non-U.S. institutions can go to Individual Evaluation of Non-U.S. Credentials for more information.

NOTE: PAPER RECORDS ARE DESTROYED AFTER THREE YEARS. You must submit original transcripts from all colleges/universities attended with grades, GPA, and, if applicable, the conferral date(s) of the degree(s) awarded if you have not done so within the last three years.

Requirements for Classroom Teacher Certification

The new requirements and titles for classroom teachers have been in effect since February 2, 2004.  (Note: If you applied for certification before February 2, 2004, go to Applications Submitted Before February 2, 2004 for more information.)  For additional information about the certificate area you are pursuing, go to  Search for Certification Requirements.  Then for example:
  1. Select Classroom Teacher
  2. Select Subject Area
  3. Select Grade Level
  4. Select Title
  5. Select the Initial or Professional Certificate Type
  6. Then click Search.  Once you have receive the search results click on the link for the requirement description.
Last Updated: September 11, 2009