Student Developmental Level Childhood Education Grades 1-6

Acceptable courses include those elementary education courses that would be required in an elementary education major.

Examples include but are not limited to pedagogical content that is primarily focused on:

  • methods of teaching in the elementary school
  • literacy instruction in the elementary school  
  • child psychology courses if they focus only on childhood 1-6 education

Six semester-hours (s.h.) at the appropriate developmental level is required.   Three s.h. must focus exclusively on childhood education.  The remaining 3 s.h. can include teaching in middle school or early childhood, since grades 1-6 can be in both middle school and early childhood settings as well as in elementary school settings.  

Unacceptable courses include those that focus on:

  • more than two developmental levels  such as
    • life span developmental psychology
    • methods of teaching grades K-12
    • child and adolescent psychology
  • secondary education  
  • children’s literature, child development and child psychology courses that focus on all grade levels.

If you need further clarification you should review college catalogs of institutions that offer childhood education programs leading to certification to learn about the types of courses that focus on the developmental level in childhood education. New York State colleges that have approved childhood education programs may be identified by using the Inventory of Registered Programs www.highered.nysed.gov/ocue.

Last Updated: October 6, 2010