Duplicate/Printed Certificates

The TEACH Online Services system is the official record for all issued, expired, or revoked certificates.  Employers and the public can verify certificates using one of the following options:

The following certificate types are automatically printed and mailed upon the issuance of the certificate in the TEACH system.  All other certificate types are listed in the individual’s TEACH account and are not automatically printed or mailed.  

  • Permanent Certificate
  • Professional Certificate
  • Teaching Assistant Level III

If you are interested in receiving a paper copy of your teaching certificate, you may request a printed certificate using your TEACH account. The certificate types listed below cannot be printed:

  • Transitional A, B, C, or D
  • Internship
  • Temporary and Modified Temporary Licenses

How to request a printed certificate

Prior to submitting your request, please make sure that your address is listed correctly on your TEACH account.  Refer to the TEACH help for Applicants webpage to learn how to verify and edit your address.

The application fee for a duplicate/printed certificate is $25 and is non-refundable. After completing the application and paying the fee, certificates are issued the next day, pending any holds on the TEACH account. Please note that certificates which are linked with a specific employer cannot be printed (e.g., Internship certificate, Transitional certificate). To verify whether or not a certificate is eligible to be printed, you can check the link on the homepage of your TEACH account entitled “I would like a printed certificate”.

  1. Log in to your TEACH account:  Login to TEACH
  2. Click on “I would like a Printed Certificate”.
  3. Select the certificate you would like to have printed and enter a reason for the request.
  4. Submit the required $25.00 fee by credit card or money order (payment coupon).
Last Updated: August 10, 2020