Printing of Time Limited Certificates Discontinued

Effective February 1, 2010 the Office of Teaching Initiatives has discontinued the printing of time limited certificates (those certificates for which there is an expiration date assigned such as Provisional, Initial, Transitional, Internship, TA Levels 1 & 2, and Temporary Coaching Licenses). The TEACH Online Services system should serve as the official record for all issued, expired, or revoked certificates.  Certificates that do not expire (Professional, Permanent, and Teaching Assistant III), will continue to be printed and mailed to applicants.

Verification of certification online protects against forged certificates being accepted by a school district or the acceptance of a paper certificate which has been subsequently suspended or revoked.  The electronic file is more efficient and provides the current certification status of teachers, school leaders, and other certified personnel.
Discontinuing printing of these certificates saves money as well as staff time involved in the handling and mailing of certificates.

Additional Information for School Districts

To obtain information regarding an applicant’s education, work experience, certificates, fingerprint clearance, exam results, workshops, and more, you should login to the TEACH system.

Online verification of an employment applicant’s certification status should be used in lieu of printed certificates for current, and potential, employees. School districts should also check the TEACH database to ensure that any Permanent or Professional certificates for new hires remain valid. We ask that you no longer require applicants or teachers to produce a paper certificate or apply for duplicates of time limited certificates (Initial, Transitional, Provisional, Supplementary, etc.) as this information is readily available to you on the TEACH system.

Last Updated: May 15, 2015