Application Fee Schedule

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An application is valid for three years or two evaluations, whichever comes first.
The fee you pay is for the evaluation of the application. Once an evaluation is completed, your fee is non refundable.

Duplicate certificate applications are evaluated at the time of application and the fee is non refundable if the duplicate certificate is issued.

Amount of Fee Type of Application
$50 Adult Education Certificate
$25 Adult Education Certificate Extension
$25 per renewal Adult Education Renewal
$50 per sport Coaching Certificate
$25 per certificate Duplicate Certificate
$50 per certificate title or extension Internship/Initial/Professional/Provisional /Permanent/Transitional B,C,D certificate or certificate extension based on completion of a State registered, approved program of preparation and College's or University's recommendation
$100 per certificate title or extension Initial/Professional/Provisional/Permanent certificate/SOCE/Limited Extension/Provisional Renewal/Initial Reissuance based on completion of alternate requirements (individual transcript evaluation)
$35 Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Pre-Professional Teaching Assistant
$100 Permit Authorizing Supplementary Service in classroom teaching for which NO specific Certificate Exists
$25 per certificate Duplicate certificate Due to Change of Name
$50 Time Extension of a Provisional, Initial, or Transitional Certificate
$50 Visiting Lecturer
Last Updated: March 19, 2013